Explore the world of Bouffon, a French performance art that combines elements of burlesque, commedia dell’arte,  farce, gallows humor, parody, satire and slapstick. It is designed for non-artists of all ages and backgrounds, especially people without Bouffon experience and all those who have a strong desire to transform in an unforgettable way.

You will be challenged, pushed, cajoled and tickled beyond your previously imagined limits. Enhance and liberate your creative thinking through this unique and empowering way to explore and develop your mental and physical range.

This is a life lasting experience that you will cherish forever. If you want or need to shake up your world, your group or yourself in the most amusing and entertaining way you can imagine… this should do the trick! 


  • Understand the history and basic elements of Bouffon as a performance art;
  • Explore ways to stretch beyond your comfort zone a boost creative thinking through a variety of Bouffon techniques; and
  • Laugh until it hurts!


Massimo Agostinelli, a reputable multi-talented artist, South African Born to Italian parents is a Montreal-based independent choreographer of contemporary dance, mentor and international master teacher of Bouffon theatre. 43 years in the industry, still very active and in demand for his unique approach to his teaching and art.

Agostinelli is resident artistic teacher/coach for Le Cirque du Soleil’s artists since 2004. He also teaches Bouffon for their corporative events such as Disney, Bombardier, Young Presidents Organisation, World Young Presidents Organisation, Mosaic Montreal amongst other reputable corporations, and also worked on Le Cirque du Soleil’s special events and workshops in Las Vegas, Red Bull in Santa Monica, Nitro Circus, television and many other research projects. He has been a resident teacher/choreographer at L’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal since its inception over 30 years ago, and has been artistic director and choreographer for Tanz Danse, Collège Montmorency’s dance troupe, since 1994.

He also choreographs and/or teaches Bouffon for The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, L’ École de danse de Québec, and The School of Dance (Ottawa), The National Theatre School of Canada, amongst other artistic institutions. He has directed and created two corporate shows for Cirque Éloïse and two Bouffon productions for the Vancouver Fringe Festival. In 2013 Agostinelli started his troupe Écho which consist of alumni Tanz Danse members. Last year, he launched his Bouffon Troupe Bouffon de Bellefeueille who premiered their show Cul de Sac at the Montreal Fringe Festival and the Monteal Clown Festival in 2017

Since 2016, Massimo Agostinelli was invited to teach Bouffon at Asian Symposium of Creative and Innovative Marketingfor Creative Bangkok, Thailand; as speaker for TEDxLille, France and Creative Mornings, Montreal; Rencontre Créative Lab, Montreal; taught bouffon workshops for Créa-France, Paris; Créa-France, Paris, Mind Camp Canada, Mind Camp Chile and has many exciting teaching, choreographic and research projects lined up until 2018. This year, the short documentary Le Ridicule Ne Pas, directed by Nathanaëlle Vincent on his work with Bouffon with Cirque du Soleil and his company Bouffon de Bellefeuille is touring film festivals world. The film won Best Short Documentary Award at the Trace de Vie Film Festival in France.

Massimo Agostinelli, emphasizes the well being of an individual, strengthening their confidence to achieve a goal or state of being through his Bouffon workshops. His teaching encourages you to surpass obstacles or discovering a liberating yet empowering sense of self and awareness of the environment we live in. Agostinelli Bouffon teaching process transforms with positive and permanent outcome. And this all happens painlessly, usually laughing continuously.

You’ll find more information about Massimo on his website.


Voertaal: Engels

Datum: zaterdag 8 december 2018

Lokatie: ergens in Amsterdam

Prijs: € 550
Early Bird prijs bij inschrijven tot en met 7 september: € 450
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