Masterclass: Creativity & Innovation Leadership


In a continuously changing environment, the survival and success of organizations greatly depends on the ability to lead innovation and creativity. Rather than managing, creative leadership means taking initiative and enabling others to put their creative potential into action. How do you tap into this potential? Which leadership skills do you need to succeed? And what can you learn from other industries?

A 3-day master class that boosts your creative leadership
This programme is designed to bring the latest insights on creativity and innovation leadership to senior and middle managers. Leaders who enroll in this programma, acknowledge that innovation and creativity are at the root of the survival and future success of organizations.

They have the ambition to:

  • . know how creative thinking contributes to leadership effectiveness
  • . know how to build a work environment that promotes creative thinking
  • . know how to use tools and techniques to facilitate outside-the-box thinking in their team or organization
  • . know how to structure creative efforts with the Creative Problem Solving Model
  • . scan for significant innovation opportunities that benefit their organization in a structured way
  • . have insight in the cross-industry innovation model and get a toolkit to jump start their innovation efforts
Programme overview
Do you want to get the latest and most profound insights on leadership effectiveness, creative thinking skills and innovation next practices from well-renowned and world class speakers in this field? Then join these three well-renowned speakers on a creative 3-day journey.
DAY 1: Creative Leadership, an essential 21st century skill

Gerard Puccio, Ph.D.

In this class, Gerard Puccio explores creativity and creative thinking as an essential element of 21st century leadership. Because the ability to think differently, to approach problems in unique ways and to respond rapidly to change is the key to innovation that organizations world-wide are seeking. Gain a deeper understanding of the contribution of creative thinking to leadership effectiveness. You will build your own creative mindset and assess and develop your creative leadership abilities.
DAY 2: Creative thinking skills for leaders

Erik op ten Berg, MSc

In this class, we dive into creative thinking tools, the creative process and explore ways to make room for new thinking patterns. Postponing your judgement and thinking in opportunities will help you and your team be more productive and confident to face today’s (and tomorrow’s) challenges. Learn techniques that take your creative thinking to the next level, how to structure creative efforts and how to unleash the creative potential within your team or organization.
DAY 3: Innovation leadership from a cross industry perspective

Ir. Ramon Vullings

Innovation requires more radical new ways of doing. Best practices only take one so far. It’s time for next practices and many next practices come from other sectors. In this class, you will get the tools to jumpstart your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry. You will take on a fresh perspective of innovation and leadership practices and learn how to use the cross-industry innovation toolkit.
Adres: COCD vzw @ House of Innovation, Duboisstraat 50, 2060 Antwerpen (B)
Price: Masterclass Fee; € 1500 (excl 21% VAT)
Included: digital handouts, a certificate of participation, a free copy of the recently launched book ‘Not invented here’ on cross industry innovation, written by Ramon Vullings and Marc Heleven and a personal FourSight® Thinking Styles profile report.