Liz Monroe-Cook
Liz Monroe-Cook, Ph.D, has extensive experience as a consulting psychologist focusing on individual, group and organizational effectiveness.   She uses creative thinking skills and Polarity Thinking in much of her facilitation, training and coaching work. She draws much of her own learning from the fields of cognitive and social psychology. She serves as a leader...
Massimo Agostinelli
Massimo Agostinelli, a reputable multi-talented artist, South African Born to Italian parents is a Montreal-based independent choreographer of contemporary dance, mentor and international master teacher of Bouffon theatre.
Ramon Vullings
Ramon Vullings is internationaal spreker en actie-adviseur met humor over de onderwerpen 'Toegepaste Creativiteit' en 'Cross Industry Innovation'.
Erik op ten Berg
Erik op ten Berg is een van de ervaren creativity professionals van het COCD.
Branko Broekman
Branko is coördinator van COCD’s Advanced program, Master Class creatief en innovatief leiderschap en ICSC’s Master of Science program in Europa